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  Data Center - Business Continuity


State of the Art Data Center

Secured transaction information

FM200 fire suppression system

24 * 7 monitoring / recording

Fiber optic redundant network

* Full Disaster Recovery



  SwitchCardSystems (Card Management)

SwitchCardSystems' functional structure allows organizations to access a world of possibilities that will place your company at the forefront in the payments systems business.

  • User-friendly introduction of new credit products and payment services
  • Structuring of loyalty programs
  • Integration with e-Commerce applications
  • Integration with CRM and Data Warehouse applications
  • Services via the Internet

SwitchCardSystems is a powerful high productivity tool that simplifies the management and control of each of the processes that are related to the credit and debit card business and loyalty programs.

Developed for financial and commercial institutions, its design takes into account the functionality required by the largest international brands in the market such as Visa and MasterCard. Additionally, it simplifies the management of private brands, such as complementary credit products of a particular entity. Its modular structure meets the critical needs of the different operative areas, thus allowing complete control of the full life cycle of a card.

  • Credit Scoring tools for the automated evaluation of applications
  • Definition of internal and external payment collection strategies
  • Integration with Call Center systems for automatic contact management
  • Definition of refinancing strategies that stimulate the account recovery process
  • Records and control of payment promises
  • On line monitoring of payment collection negotiations done by each employee
  • Registration of comments and storing of historical information and payment collection
  • Management statistics
  • Automatic programming of contacts
  Postilion Processing Platform

Based on state of the art technologies

  • Windows 2000
  • SQL Server
  • Intel Platform
  • Pure Java
  • Web Architecture
  • Open Architecture
  • Scalable Platform

Real-time Processing Key Features

  • Total transaction information integrity
  • Powerful routing capabilities
  • Comprehensive transaction authorization
    • Acquirer
    • Issuer
  • Secure EFT environment
  • Effective on-line reconciliation
  • Compliant multi-currency processing

Security Capabilities

  • PIN translation and security key management (Master/Session and DUKPT)
  • PIN verification using IBM or Visa scheme
  • On-line PIN change
  • Card verification using CVV and CVV2
  • Network security using SSL
  • Password security on database with sign-on

On-line Reconciliation

  • Real-time totals accumulation
  • Real-time totals exchange at cut-over
  • Postilion initiated cut-over
  • Remote system initiated cut-over
  • Batches granularity by terminal, merchant, acquirer or network
  • Batches kept per remote system

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