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                               SwitchGATE international, LLC

                                   Fort Lauderdale, Florida

                           Director, International Card Services

Position Description


Develop international strategic alliances and contracts to implement and/or

expand EFT processing for debit/credit card administration on ASP platform.

Plan and develop worldwide offerings of debit and credit card services including

card business management and profitability dynamics, card issuing and

merchant acquiring processing, and strategic planning, project management

and implementation. Use knowledge of VISA and MasterCard training in card

business management, products and service marketing, risk management and

security, product development, operating regulations, card and merchant

processing regulations, eCommerce business dynamics, card and merchant

profitability dynamics, compliance requirements.


Experience: Five years executive experience responsible for consultation or

                  strategic planning or development in credit card business

                  processes and regulations including project management and

                  implementation of card business programs (risk management,

                  compliance, operations and IT/EFT system requirements and



Experience to include: Knowledge or experience to include Visa/MasterCard

                                 global authorization and settlement systems.



Interesed parties should submit resumes to:

Jon Thomas
SwitchGATE International, LLC
5100 N. W. 33rd Avenue
Suite 250
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309




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